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Monday, June 11, 2007

Formal letter

Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is Agustin and I am a student at Matulaitis High School. I am writing to ask you for more information about WWF. I am not a member of WWF but I like to know more about how I can help.

I would like to know if tehre is a branch in my country. I would like to help in my own area if possible. I believe there are a lot of ecological problems in my town.

I would be grateful if you could tell me what kind of activities is involved and whether how much it costs join; also, what do members receive?. Is WWF an independent organisation?. I am seventeen years old and I do not have much experience of enviromental work but I like going for walks.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours faithfully,

Agustin D. Garcia


Wil turkeys were introduce in 1975 in different suburbs, but these animals adpat well to the suburbs because it is an oportunistic animal. These aniamls lose their fear of humans when people feed them, so that, they turn fierce. Finally, the wild turkeys can live in the suburban areas because they adapt well to this place and also to the humans.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Whow! what a big surprise!

Last summer, I went to Paraguay with my uncle, aunt and my cousins. It was a a beautiful day in Luque and we were having breakfast. That morning we went to Asuncion and Ciudad del Este to buy some things. But, while we were preparing the car, a big and large iguana crossed, it was very ugly. The iguana was green and a little black. When we saw the animal we were amazed, but my cousin called Florencia was so afraid of this animal that she hid from it. I think that the animal was fantastic, but no for a pet. Later, the iguana ran away, it was so fast that we didn't see it. Finally, we went to Asuncion and Ciudad del Este and we bought a lot of electronic things.

My pet Araceli, "The Fasul"

My dog called Aracelli was a very good dog. I always looked after it because she was faithful. Every day I put the water and the food in a plate, I looked her twice a week. We played a lot in my house with an orange ball and sometimes she slept with me. I think that this dog was different from others because when I walked with her she looked pacific. Finally this summer she died because she was very old.

Should people be allowed to keep exotic animals as pets?

Many people seem to look for exotic animals to keep as pets. I wonder whether this should be allowed.

Firstly, some people keep exotic animals as pets because people think that these animals are pretty, original and nice. Secondly, these people believe that these animals give more originaly to the owners, they also think that they give power. The owners don't think in the animal like a person because they tak it out of their habitat. These exotic animals generally are snakes, monkeys, turtles, green turtles, iguanes, etc. But, all these animals are not pets like a dog or a cat, because they are very different.

On the other hand, some people never keep exotic animals as pets because they think that it is a crime to the animal and to the family. Some people thinkin the environment and decide not to keep exotic animals as pets.

I think some people believe that keeping exotic animals as pets is good for originality, power,etc. But I prefer to look after the environment and preserve exotic species.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Summary chapters 5,6 & 7

Chapter 5
The attention of every lady was soon caught by a young man. When Kitty and Lidya went to the office and knew the officer called Mr. Wickham. They talked about the party.
Mr. Whickham and Elizabeth were happy because they entablated a good relation when they talked in the office.
Mr. Wickham´s intention was caught a little later by Mr. Collins mentioning the name of Lady Catherine of Bourgh.
Mr. Wickham´s told Elizabeth that Lady Catherine and Lady Anne Darcy were sisters and therefore she was the aunt of Mr. Darcy.

Chapter 6
Lizzy and Jane were talking and Mr. Bingley arrived with his sister. They had invitations for the ball at Netherfield.
The day of the ball, Lizzy danced with Mr. Collins. At last, Mr. Collins discovered that Mr. Darcy was a relative of Lady Catherine.
Later, Mary got ready to certain the company. Mr Darcy told no more notice of Eliza.

Chapter 7
Mr. Collins made a formal proposal of marriage. They talked and Elizabeth tried without success to make him believe her.
Mr. Bennet was disappointed. Elizabeth returned to the subject repeatedly, using both persuasion and threats to try and change her daughters mind. Mr. Collins himself remained silent and he was offended and unable to understand how his cousin could possibly refuse him.

Bye Tati
Charlotte Lucas come to spend the day with them.

Informal letter

Dear Daniel
How are you?? I am sorry I didn´t write sooner because I had to do a lot of work. Thanks for the t-shirt you gave me, it´s great and also thnks for the letter. The letter was beautiful, I put cry. This city is boring, but it is a nice city, I have a lot of friends from school. The new house is really big and beautiful and so my sister and I have our own rooms, and the rooms have two beds.
Yesterday, I went to see a concert with my father, it was great. It was a rock concert called Pepsi Music and my favourite group is Los Piojos.
The town centre is very big and there lots of things to do . The centre has a lot of shops, and it is really great.
So, thanks against for the t-shirt and the letter and lots of love to your mum, dad and sister. Keep in touch I hope to see you soon.

Strange but true

My family and I felt so lucky when we won a spectacular travel around San Luis.At first, it was wonderful. We traveled around all the province in ten days. But on the ninth day, we made an excursion to the mountain range and something very strange occured.We were walking in the mountain range when I stopped to drink some water. When I was there, I saw a shade but I thought that it was one my parents. Suddenly, the shade disappeared. I continued alone, but I didn't find my family. Later, the shade appeared, I walked very fast and I didn't find anything. After that, I ran for one hour and a half and when I was very tired I found my family on the bus because my sister was ill.I told my family what had happened to me and they didn't believe anything.

The World Cup

In my opinion, It was a very mediocre World cup, because it didn´t have a team that played good football. All the teams were worried for marking than for scoring goals.
I think that the best team was Argentina, but Argentina unlucky with the penalties against Germany. I thimk that Cambiasso´s goal against Serbia and Montenegro was the best of the World cup, and one of the best of the history.
The World cup increases our sense of nationalism, but I think that football is the only sport that joins all the country.
The best referee in the World cup was Horacio Elizondo because he demostrated that he is a strong person in difficult moments.
The big promise of the World cup was the Brazilian team, but the team was a big disappointment because they lost against France in quarterfinals.
Zinedine Zidane demostrate that he is a big football player and he always play beautiful, except the final that was sent off.
France and Italy played the final and the winner was Italy in penalties. The best player of this match, I think was Frank Ribery.
This World cup was mediocre and for this the FIFA decided that Zidane was the best player of the World cup, I think the same because Zidane is a big player.
The best match in the World cup, in my opinion, was Argentina against Serbia and Montenegro.
Congratulations for Itlay that is the champion of the Worl cup Germany 2006.

Bye Tati

Monday, August 28, 2006


Hello¡¡ I am agustin , I am 16 years old. My favourite sport is football. My father is called Gabriel and he works in a restaurante. My mother is called Yvonne and she is a librarian. My sister is called Celeste and she is a student. In my free time I go to the stadium, I am an Independiente fan. My favourite player is Daniel Montenegro, and he is a very good player. My favourite group is Los Piojos.

Bye Tati